Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Today I Am A Rockstar

Today I feel like a total rock star. Tomorrow, who knows. Yesterday was my post week visit with the dietician at the Diabetes Center to check on my sugar levels and see where to go from there. The visit didn't go as expected. I had lost weight and she told me that I was basically starving myself for the past week and my levels were still high with the small amount of carbs I was eating. Then she said that diet was not going to control my sugars and that I would most likely be put on insulin or glyburide, but my OB would need to decide on future treatment. I knew I was really hungry for the past week. I was also feeling very faint and lightheaded. It was because I wasn't eating enough for the three of us. I felt like a complete loser. Before I left her office she made me promise to tell my OB it wasn't her that starved me, LOL. Which brings me to today's visit:

I go in and the first thing done is weight. I had lost around 3lbs since my last visit four weeks ago. I know most people get excited to lose weight and I have even seen a few pregnant woman brag about losing weight, I am not one of those ladies. I was very upset because I know at this point it is so important to be gaining and giving the girls what they need to grow and be strong and healthy.  I explained to her about my GD diet and the weight loss. She said the dietician already called and emailed them to explain the situation. Dr. S wasn't real happy with the weight loss and gave me the okay to pig out again! He is putting me on Glyburide for right now and trying to skip the insulin. I will still need to test 4 times a day to keep an eye on blood sugars and we will just take it day by day. I was so happy to hear I might not need the insulin! Of course now with the GD I am seeing him every two weeks until 30 weeks and starting 30 weeks I see him and MFM every week for u/s until the girls are born. 

Okay rockstar moment::

He did the fundal height measurement (which I never ask what it is), well lately I have been told by everyone, friends, complete strangers, co-workers etc. on how "HUGE" I am.  It is a little irritating but I keep reminding myself I am cooking two babies and not one. Well I broke down and asked how many weeks I am measuring. His response was 

30 WEEKS!!!

Only two weeks ahead of how far I am and those measurements are made for singleton pregnancies. I felt like a total rock star! It made me feel like I am doing everything I am suppose to.  Sorry but I had to pat myself on my back for a moment.

We also spoke about my c-section. The last one I had 17 years ago my arms were strapped down to the table. He assured me that this time they would not be. It was such a relief to know that. I also asked if I can have my tubes tied while he is doing surgery. I know most people would scratch their head at this. I am being real. I am almost 40 having twins. Al and I could not be prepared to have another baby. I don't want to be one of the stories of natural pregnancy after infertility. I feel blessed with our girls and want this for us. So he agreed to do a tubal at that time. We also discussed what vaccinations people will need to be around the girls. I got my whooping cough today. He wants anyone in contact with the babies before they reach the age of 2 months to have one, along with their flu shot. I will be sending out emails to our families that I need to see proof of vaccines or no visits. I can't jeopardize the girls health and especially since they will be early. 

I go in Friday to see how much they have grown!! I love my MFM appointments :) 

LIke I said, today I feel like a rockstar, tomorrow, who knows? 

Here is my 28 week bump pic:

Also,  I haven't posted this in a while and want to make sure that the woman I know still TTC...... I think of you often and always try to keep up with how things are going with you. I will always continue to keep you in my thoughts daily and know the struggle. Please don't ever give up. On days you feel that it will never happen, do something for yourself, try reading some blogs of woman you find inspirational, but please don't give up.


  1. Honestly, I'm glad that the dietian caught the fact that the diet you were on wasn't helping. I know it can be so disheartening, but you losing weight isn't good. And it is your OBs job to find a solution that works (not yours). I hope that the new medication does the trick and regulates your blood sugar. No more being hungry!

    That's wonderful news about growth! And you look great. Keep rocking out rock star!

  2. This is all wonderful news!! I don't like the weight loss part due to the diet they had you on, but I am glad it was only 3 pounds. If you have permission to pig out, then that 3 pounds will be back in no time! :) Love the updates, love the pics. (ps. I love the little note at the bottom, xoxo)

  3. Yay for pigging out..yummy!!! It's great to hear you don't need insulin right now, hopefully it will stay that way :) Your post at the bottom is very sweet too, I appreciate your support!

  4. You are a TOTAL rock star! And you look absolutely amazing!!!

  5. You know, I've heard women claim that they had their arms strapped down during c-section and I was never sure if I believed them. I've had two and my arms were never strapped down.

    Now that you say it, I believe it. What was the point in strapping down the arms?

    1. I always heard it was for control in case the mother started getting stressed or scared during the procedure, so she wouldn't move. I am going to ask my OB though. I never knew "not" getting strapped down was even an option now.